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Monday, August 7

NYC Guy Profile #5 - The Nudist

Age: 33
Height: 5'9"
Build: Medium, Slim
Eyes: Blue Green

Hair: Blond
Profession: Computer Programmer

Residence: LES

Meeting Synopsis: At Friday happy hour I start talking to a friend-of-a-friend who lives on my street, just a block and a half away from my apartment and has the most shocking blue-green eyes I’ve ever seen. We quickly start connecting about our semi-hippie upbringings. Me:18 years in Vermont. Him:18 years with parents who grow pot. Then he drops the bomb “My family spent our summers at nudist camp.” (B-what??) After picking my jaw off the floor, we discuss his personal perspective on the experience. As the conversationg goes on, I slowly get hooked on his whole gentle soul thing. I start to apprecaite the hippie-esque mannerism (acceptance of others, calm reassuring manner) add to that his two cats named 'puppy' and 'barbeque' and I’m hooked.

Relationship Details: Per usual, when the bars close at 4am everyone heads back to my apartment. Around 5:30am people begin disappearing: one couple heads up to the roof to hook up, another dials a car service, and my roommate (god love her) passes out on the living room rug. The Nudist and I hook up on my couch ‘til about 6:30am when we decide my bed would be much more comfortable. Disclosure: We may have slept in the same space but we did not “sleep together”.

Next morning, we have brunch after which he insists we walk the long way home. We bum around the LES semi-window shopping/running errands for a couple hours. It was all so real. He walked me home around 4pm mentioning that he’d like to see me again. So sweet. We exchange numbers and go our separate ways.

Saturday evening, as I am serving pina coladas on my rooftop, I decide to extend an invite to him. Since the rooftop crew had just kicked the bottle of Dominican Rum, the Nudist and I agreed to meet at a bar between our respective houses. Since he was already at a friend’s birthday across town, he met me at the bar around 1am. Slowly my friends started petering out - seemed everyone had paid dearly for the night before. The Nudist and I hang at the bar until 2:45am, at which time we decide late night eats are in order. After introducing him to Dash Dogs, he asks to introduce me to his favorite bartender… Of course. Another drink later, we leave the bar. Convinently the bar is located beneath his apartment. At his place, I learn that the Nudist is also a sculpture artist. He has all these crazy contraptions and projects underway… Another night, with more sleeping in the same space without “sleeping together”.

Deal Breaker: None at the current moment. He’s been added to the current rotation. Since he lives on my street and is so cute about not pressuring me to sleep together, he has secured a spot in the rotation.

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At 9:59 PM, Blogger Betty said...

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At 10:32 PM, Blogger Karinaxoxo said...

He sounds nice :o)

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Beth said...

He sounds darling! And how conveinient too!

At 12:02 PM, Blogger myboyfriendiscrazy said...

I like it!! And the artist thing is hot

At 2:37 AM, Blogger Betty said...

I ratted you out but only because I went on the EXACT SAME DATE with him. It was kind of weird, b/c I stumbled on your site by accident and I was shocked to find that you met him exactly 5 days after I met him. I just checked back today because I was curious to see what happened with the guy who thought it was "morally reprehesible" to read about himself on a website. I see it wasn't as bad as to keep on going out with you. I am sure he is still reading the site, as he read most of it when I directed him to it and I think he was flattered. Boys are strange. I didn't mean to out you, so I apologize, it was a kind of a weird situation, how do you accept a date with someone another girl has written about. It sounds like you like the producer. I, myself, am torn between two men. One, I have been courting in my unemployment, and the other I was in love with when I was 18! We just reconnected after 8 years and I feel like that idiot 18 year old again, totally smitten with this older guy. I don't write about it though, I am past that stage. Good luck in all your man ventures and here's hoping we never meet the same guy again!


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