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Thursday, March 23

NYC Guy Profile #3 - "But Aren't You Gay" Guy

Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Build: Bookish
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond
Profession: Architect Graduate Student
Residence: Connecticut, Yale University

Meeting Synopsis: At a very alcoholic brunch, you meet a friend's extended network of college friends. One bears an incredible resemblance to Clay Aiken. Being slightly toasted you ask your roommate about his sexual orientation. She laughs because this has been a common question and noone is quite positive which way he swings. Later that day, you catch an older obviously gay man and Clay pose for a photo - which appeared to include a kiss or some sort of lip licking. Case Solved!

Relationship Details: As brunch turns into an alcohol fueled afternoon - into alcohol soaked evening, you are really enjoying hanging with your friend and her gay friend. At 5am, having missed the last train to Connecticut, he asks you: "Can I sleep in your bed?" Thinking there's no harm in having a gay guy in your bed, you agree.

Deal Breaker: In bed with the gay guy, wearing the norm - underwear and a t-shirt - you start to get the vibe that he might not be all gay. As you are passing out, you hear him telling you... "I noticed you the second I walked in the door. I was so nervious talking to you, I kept saying the dumbest things." Eh, pretend to pass out and not hear any of this. Be wary throughout the night as he keeps cuddling up to you...

Hindsight: I should have picked up on him not wanting to go to the bar where Cute Bartender works and, in hindsight, throwing a bit of a piss fit when I insisted.


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