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Thursday, March 23

NYC Guy Profile #4 - The Skier

Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Build: Think Chris O’Donnell
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Profession: ?? (Aside from being a cute skier??)
Residence: Braintree, MA

Meeting Synopsis: Last Tuesday at dinner with the ladies, we decided a change of scenery was in order to revive us after weeks of bad dates. Our dating lives needed a shot of adrenaline. One of the girls offered up her Vermont ski house in
Killington. Little convincing was needed before we packed our bags, rented a car and were on our way.

At apres ski, my girlfriends and I struck up conversation with an attractive Boston-ite. Three Harpoon UFOs and much flirting later, the ladies and I prepared to depart the bar and head home for showers and
Avant le’ Discotheque. Cutie-patootie, Skier Boy asked what our plans were for that evening. Filled with “liquid courage” I responded,
“There are three nightspots in this town: The Grist Mill – which is full of old folks, the Wobbly Barn – where we won’t be, and the Pickle Barrel - where we will be. Don't act like we won't be seeing you there.”
Relationship Details: No fail. That night after a drink at the bar, there he was. The ladies were psyched to see him, but since I called "dibs" during Avant le' Discotheque celebrations earlier, the ladies made sure the two of us were near each other as the group danced around to the surprisingly good cover band. After a couple trips to the bar and endless flirtation, I found myself bubbling over with “liquid courage.” I boldely asked if he wanted to ditch my friends and head to the bar upstairs to make out. Needless to say, we spent a good amount of time upstairs kissing, then downstairs dancing, then downstairs kissing… All in the name of fun.

Deal Breaker: When the bar closed, I was all set to send Skier Boy on his way, but he insisted on walking me home. We traipsed through the snow to the share house and hung out with those were who still awake. Oddly enough (this is one of the catches of having a share house) some old (50+) guy was sleeping on the living room couch snoring away. Despite his presence, everyone kept drinking around him. He was a serious grump and eventually woke up, yelling at everyone that it's past midnight and we should all be in bed. (Yes, he was that old and grumpy.) Skier Boy took this as a sign to leave. Our hopes of a couch make-out session dashed by the unpleasant housemate. Despite this, we still made out in the kitchen for a bit, then he was on his way.

2007 Ski House Rental Plans are underway...

One Extra Tip: Watch out for the
Mt. Tabor speed trap. Fifteen minutes and a $217 speeding ticket later, the ladies and I were headed back to NYC.


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