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Thursday, March 23

NYC Guy Profile #2 - The Wedding Guest

Age: 29
Height: 5'8
Build: Trim and fit
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Profession: Financial something or other by day, Bassist by night
Primary Residence: Brookline, Boston

Meeting Synopsis: College acquaintances, you both find yourself dateless at a friend's wedding. Seated at the same table, you are charming and slightly intoxicated, which translates into being really, really fun to hang around.

Relationship Details: Late night at the post-reception party you find yourself alone together. Joking around, you mention that the bride had seated you together in hopes that you'd hit it off. As you laugh off your last comment, he replies "why not."

Deal Breaker: In the light of morning, without the evening buzz, you both find yourselves at the Sunday morning brunch, slightly sheepish about the prior-evening antics. Once noon rolls around, everyone starts heading home, wrapping up the wedding weekend. No numbers or future "let's hang out" promises exchanged ... Just shared smile between the two of you and a quick, "It was fun."


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