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Tuesday, August 29

Twice in 24 Hours

This past weekend I had a wedding in Boston. My original plan was to stay in on Friday night and get up early to drive a rental car to Boston on Saturday. In reality, I ended up going out on Friday The Nudist and stayed up way too late.

With less than two hours of sleep, my alarm went off. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to stay in bed so badly.
The Nudist and I were perhaps too comfortable at the moment and I knew a hangover was the worst excuse in the world to miss my friend’s wedding. So I left him in my bed and took a cab to Chinatown – catching the 8am bus.

I slept the entire way to Boston (with one small McD’s stop for an egg & cheese). I arrived in Boston – gnarly, half asleep and wearing jeans. Heading straight to the chapel for the 1pm service, I had no choice but to change in the bathroom of South Station. Brushing my teeth in the sink and applying a full face of makeup in a bus terminal is something I can live without replicating. At least I planned ahead and packed perfectly –
unlike this trip to Boston

Anyway it was an absolutely beautiful wedding, following by the longest reception ever. At 1:30am, I’m totally wasted and exhausted. Ahead of my lay the prospect of sleeping on a hotel couch or a bus back to NYC.

Before I knew it I was back in South Station. The terminal at that time of night was actually less frightening than I expected. Soon enough I was on 2:30am Fung Wah bus. It was the best decision ever – I arrived in NYC at 5:30am and still managed to fit in six more hours of sleep in my NYC bed.

Love the Fung Wah!


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