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Friday, August 25

Friends Who Share Everything??

Last night over cocktails, a good friend who’s been keeping up on my dating shenanigans by way of my blog, mentioned that she’d like to meet The Nudist. Newly single, she’s ready to date again and after reading the profile I wrote for him, she thought as fellow artists - they would be a better fit than he and I.

Okay – this is an odd conversation to be having… At this point, the entire table has tuned into our conversation. Everyone had a suggestion for how one bridges the conversation with the guy.

-- “Make it seem like it is his idea to stop seeing you and start seeing her.”
-- “Tell him this weekend that you aren’t interested in him, but he should meet your friend”
-- “Plan a group outing where they can meet, so you can introduce them.”
-- “Set them up on a blind date, so you can’t interfere.”

Now wait, a second here… Why has everyone decided that my friend gets to meet this guy? At what point did I decide I wasn’t interested in him? What if I don’t feel like introducing them? Once I do, I’ll will not have the luxury of seeing him again because that would be weird. Two friends, one guy… I don’t share very well.

Her thoughts were that since I’m also seeing
The Producer, I shouldn’t mind that they’ll be hanging out. I’m really not sure how I feel about this. There are things I like about The Nudist that I don’t like about The Producer. If I could mesh these two guys into one, I’d be the happiest gal on the LES.

So anyway, tonight I have tentative plans to hangout with
The Nudist. We’ll see how much “liquid courage” I need to bridge this conversation. Who’s to say that he wouldn’t want to meet my friend… Maybe they would relate better to each other… Perhaps not introducing them is a greedy, selfish act on my part… She was really excited at the prospect of meeting him, I’d hate to disappoint her…

(Secretly, I hope he is still
reading my blog, that way I can already consider this conversation over…)


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Karinaxoxo said...

I dont think you friend should've asked you in the first place. I know you are only 'seeing' him...but really once one of my mates has gone on a date with a guy that makes him off limits (unless there is an extremem circumstance!!!) I say wait until you have decided you dont want to see The Nudist... and then she can have him if she wants.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger myboyfriendiscrazy said...

She should at least wait until you're not seeing him anymore


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