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Thursday, August 17

Want culture? Join a wine club

Always needing an excuse to drink, I joined a wine club. Each month Discovery Wines delivers three bottles of red wine to my home. This is not about me being too lazy to walk to the wine store and chose my own wine. I have legitimate goals for this experiment in alcohol.

1) It would be nice to understand a wine list beyond - Melbec and Nero d’Avlo.

2) I’ve always wanted to amass a small wine collection. This will make me the ultimate impromptu hostess…

Partaking in this culture experiment, I face a unique set of dangers. I must remind myself that the purpose of this experiment is not to drinks all 3 bottles in one sitting. See lesson learned)

For August, I received three pinot noirs. All delicious, except for the two bad corks. (Okay, at least one bottle had a bad cork – the other bottle, it is highly probable that I was too tanked to open it correctly.)

Anyway, the silver lining is that after mentioning the bad corks to the wine store, they sent me home with two bottles atop the two I had just purchased.

Not to shabby… My collection is off to a magnificent start already.


At 5:03 PM, Blogger myboyfriendiscrazy said...

That's a great idea, they do all the choosing for you. Nice.

At 1:37 AM, Blogger jo said...

bout a year ago i joined a wine club where they host dinners with wine and have people talk bout the wines we taste. but really it's 'coz i wanted to know more bout wines as opposed to just wanting to drink.

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Pretty Polly said...

I love my wine club, but I get a Red/White assortment. Yum.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Ha! That's hilarious. I heart wine! That's probably a good way to impress any guys that you have over too.


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