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Thursday, March 23

Rave Steve Madden

I am seriously shoe obsessed.
Specifically, I am fanatical about heels.

Living in Manhattan, a snob's lifestyle demands affordable shoes that can stand up to daily abuse. I'll never understand those who wear plain-Jane shoes on a commute, only to change into a fabulous pair once they are behind their desk. What's the use in looking fabulous, if you only show the dolts you work with?

In the past, I've avoided Steve Madden for two reasons: 1) Those frustrating thin cartoon advertisements with the enormous heads. 2) Their fascination with the silver heel.
Unless you are a stripper, the heels should always compliment the shoe, not overpower it.

On the hunt for fall boots made out of real vs. synthetic leather (another disappointing trend in footwear - for another blog entry), I checked out Steve Madden. Much to my surprise, they are producing some of the mosy beautiful, unique, affordable shoes I've seen in months. Not only are the beautiful, they provide ample padding for the balls of your feet. Ultimate comfort.

Not Your Bosses Shoe -- Sorge

Getting to work on Monday can be a lot easier when you are looking forward to wearing these round toe, wedges to office. An updated take on the work pump classic, these imported 3.5 inch heels, priced under $90, leave little question about who is in charge.

Flash for Little Cash -- Mirranda

Another $90 steal, these are the ultimate power, black pump. Nothing could be sexier for a night out, or as an accessory to your work attire , than this pair. These 4 inch intimidators, are capable of boosting your confidence, as much as your height. When your footwear sizzles like a SATC character, how can anything go wrong?

The shoe d'
resistance -- Cyndrela

Priced at just over $100, this appropriately named shoe caputered the critical eye of both my friend and I. The 3.5 inch wedge heel, wrapped in chain mail, establishes this as the ultimate party shoe. It's comfortable sling back - wedge design will provide the illusion of lenghty legs. Almost too beautiful for everyday wear, these shoes are fitting for a gala outing.


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