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Thursday, March 23

In Her Shoes - Chick Flick Review

I know I am not supposed to like this movie, but I found myself leaving the theater pleased with my $10.25 movie choice.

Just a couple of reasons to take a friend to see this movie:

  • Proof that super skinny, pretty girls (as exhibited by Cameron Diaz) suffer from the low-self esteem all the rest of us do. And also have forgettable one-night stands
  • Being successful and career driven (as exhibited by Toni Collette) rewards you with a fabulous shoe collection.
  • Happiness and love doesn't find the pretty ones first. (Spoiler Alert: Watching Diaz alone at the end and her sister happily married, gave me hope that happiness & love is around the corner for all of us... not just the pretty ones.)
  • Florida retirement homes are a hot bed of activity: dating, gossiping, shopping and dance parties.
  • Age offers a liteny of life experiences to joke about and reflect upon - some sad, some happy, but all of worthy of sharing.


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