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Thursday, March 23

The Open Air Whisper

What's with men ...

You are walking down the street, looking fab' as always. Ahead of you, you notice a man check you out and stop what he's doing. Being a city-gal you prep yourself for some sleazy comment to your face. You distract yourself from the situation by focusing intently on your i-Pod or adjust an item of clothing that doesn't need fixing. As you come within speaking distance of the man - who consequently is still staring - he doesn't say anything. You think you've made it through uninsulted. Then the moment you past parallel to him, he let's the snide, sexist comment out of his mouth.

I've come to the conclusion that men consider this "open air whispering" acceptable. They say it under their breath and just to you, so other individuals on the sidewalk won't hear... Anyway, I've had about enough of it.

High school flashback: If you have something to say, say it to my face. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.


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