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Thursday, March 23

Impending Snow - Shoewear Dilemma

I naively wore my hot pink, suede BCBG heels to work today, without consulting the weather man. For which I was awarded with a lunchtime spent indoors to avoid the rain and puddles. This moment of poor-dressing brought on my winter footwear anxiety early.

Really, what's a sylish city girl to wear for winter circumstances. And don't even utter Ugg's, cause you should know they actually have more in common with Australian surfers, than snowy cold NYC sidewalks.

Living in NYC, we benefit from very few snowy days. Yes, it may snow and be cold, but the city's sidewalks are over-salted and fastidiously shoveled. After an evening's snow, the sidewalks tend to be clean by mid-afternoon.

This compounds the shoe problem. What can be worn in the morning, keeping your feet dry and war -- yet, still look classy on the way home?

When I was a child, my mom decked me out in these lovelies from LLBean. (Could you honestly get more backwood country that this...)

I've noticed an appalling trend this year, of featuring fleece on the outside of the shoe. In my opinion, any wearer would appear in need of a serious waxing.

I figure I have about 2 months until I need an actual pair of winter boots, but I'm still semi-hyperventilating just thinking about how impossible this shopping task is. Every year, I pormise myself a pair of winter-appropriate attire, but instead I ruin 2-3 good pairs of leather boots tromping in the snow. This is my winter resolution -- I will find a winter appropriate boot, for snow and slush.


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