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Thursday, March 23

I Heart Jamie Foxx

Dear Mr. Foxx,

This is a public letter of thanks. Thank you. Thank you for being so darn good at everything you do. Your "Homie, don't play that" was the first quotable TV clip of my teen years. You showed up the egotistical (not to mention maniacal) Tom Cruise in Collateral. And now, and now... you have invaded my radio.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you -- for being so completely suave and cool. Your Ray Charles impersonation and presence on
Kayne West's Gold Diggers is just unbelievable. I just can't get enough! I've downloaded it. I've repeatedly played the song at parties; I squeal with delight every time I catch it on the radio, I've even watched the video on Yahoo Launch. Really, I think I am bordering on obsession...

Now, this has very little to do with Mr. Kayne West, but it is all about you. Just hearing the song, reminds me of your sublime Ray Charles role. You have more talent and poise in your left hand than half of Hollywood. Not sure what you have planned next but rest assured, I'm patiently waiting for you to surprise me, again ...

Your NYC Fan,
Downtown Chic


At 5:21 PM, Blogger Danielle said...

homie the clown was played by damon wayans, not jamie foxx.


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