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Thursday, March 23

Haircut Day - A Personal Holiday

What is it about hair cut day?

After spending a mere hour in a salon, you emerge feeling like a new person, a supermodel, lighter than air... Does the snipping of frayed ends remove emotional baggage that's gathered since the last cut? Is the shampoo massage key to a natural high? Is it the physical relief your arms/wrists feel from getting a professional blow out?

Following are some of NYC's greatest stylists & salons:

Brian @ Damian West
237 West 4th Street
(Cost $75)

The perfect layered cut for long hair. For those who can't commit to actual bangs, he can create the perfect set of "unbangs", just long enough for sexy tendrals.
Donna (self-
ph: 917-748-9271

(Cost < $100)
Call her directly to schedule an appointment. What makes her so
Fabulash? Aside from a rocker-tude (she has a husband known for his drummer rocker-cameo with notable bands), she gives you a look that's all you, with the attitude to boot. Rocker princess anyone? Claim to fame-sexy bangs and willingness to try just about any hot look on your beautiful hair. Oh, and did I mention she's one of the secret MUST book stylists from celebrities, debutantes, socialite brides and even high-powered women in politics.
Lorrie @ Serenity Salon
458 W. Broadway, Suite 2
(Cost $160, includes highlights)

Blond locks? This is your salon. Perfect highlights, at a perfect price.
Zone @ Dramatics NYC

Broadway btw 91st and 92nd
(Cost $150, includes highlights)

She loves doing highlights, so does them so meticulously to look natural and beautiful.


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