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Thursday, March 23

Peeve - Songs as Cell Phone Rings

Do you really want to smoosch everyone's enjoyment of a great song. If you do, I highly advise making it your ring tone.

There is a man nearby who has Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" as a ring tone. Really people, as a ring tone. Now I love Kelly for so many reasons. (I've been out of the closet with this obsession for some time.... ) In one week, this man has single handlede removed any and all joy I ever felt when hearing this song.

Oh yeah, and to the girl on the MTA bus this morning getting such a kick out of her "Hey Ya" ringtone, it's time to download a new ringtone. Rockin' tunes from 2003 isn't fabulash.

(I swear she had people calling her just to set it off, cause her multiple phone conversations were mili seconds long...and she let the whole song play before answering...obviously oblivious to the annoyance of the passengers around her.)

Ellen Degeneres so fabulous stated when discussing this same topic, "Aren't we glad they got rid of those annoying telephone rings" (In the background - an annoying song phone ring continually sounds.)


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