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Wednesday, October 11

The Other Woman Speaks

When you are outed, there is always another side to the story. Thankfully, the “other woman” in the saga of the Nudist came forward and posted a comment with her side of story. Now, in Betty’s words:

“I ratted you out but only because I went on the EXACT SAME DATE with him. It was kind of weird, b/c I stumbled on your site by accident and I was shocked to find that you met him exactly 5 days after I met him. I just checked back today because I was curious to see what happened with the guy who thought it was "morally reprehesible" to read about himself on a website. I see it wasn't as bad as to keep on going out with you. I am sure he is still reading the site, as he read most of it when I directed him to it and I think he was flattered. Boys are strange. I didn't mean to out you, so I apologize, it was a kind of a weird situation, how do you accept a date with someone another girl has written about. It sounds like you like he producer. I, myself, am torn between two men. One, I have been courting in my unemployment, and the other I was in love with when I was 18! We just reconnected after 8 years and I feel like that idiot 18 year old again, totally smitten with this older guy. I don't write about it though, I am past that stage. Good luck in all your man ventures and here's hoping we never meet the same guy again!”

When I was outed, blogger friends cautioned me that I’d start self-editing myself and my entries. At the time, I denied that would happen. However, it is true. I often find myself wondering what he would think or say if he read a certain entry. Even worse, is that I don't blog about our what happens when we hang out... (Imagine the salacious details you’ve been missing.)

I do love that the Nudist told Betty being blogged about was "morally reprehensible." When I see him this weekend, I can't wait to use that in conversation. Although he will probably have already read my blog and will know about everything...


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Irish Red said...

ooooooooo honey. Something sounds REALLY familiar about this scenario. The blogging community is very small it seems...and worlds collide.

Don't censor! Just keep right on writin!


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