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Thursday, October 5

Killington 2006-2007

For the first time - I’ve signed up for a seasonal share. One weekend every month, I’ll be swooshing down the slopes in Killington, Vermont and boozing it up at the Pickle Barrel Nightclub.

Last year, I crashed my friend’s share and had two of the greatest weekends of the winter. I kissed
boys, was caught man-fishing by my ex’s friend, and invented "avant discoteque" a whole new reason to drink wine.

The house I am renting is totally sweet. Located right off the main drag we’ll have the entire house to ourselves. With real bedrooms vs. bunk beds and a fireplace in the living room, this is a real grown up share… Another perk, we are within walking distance to the bar, so we won’t have to risk drinking and driving. The crowning glory, which thrills any ski bunny…. A HOT TUB.

I met the guy organizing the house, one drunken night in Jersey City. I was showing my friends the greatest
bar game of all time, when he and his friends seated next to us, badgered us to get a game started. Next thing you know, we are the best of friends (silly pranks have a way of bringing people closer).

As the bar was closing, the night quickly became a party at Ski Boy’s house, drinking magnums of champagne while listening to the cheesiest of I-Tunes. I ended up leaving around 5:30 AM, when the PR gal straddled my friend’s boyfriend on the couch and planted a kiss on him. My girlfriend had us out the door before anyone registered what had just happened.

True, this was not my night of wise decisions. However – I did give Ski Boy my number for the sole reason to getting into his ski house for the 06-07 ski season. Who knows what I’m getting myself into, but I’m sure a couple interesting posts will come of it.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger NotCarrie said...

Oh, awesome. That sounds like fun. I want to look into renting something like that.

At 8:03 AM, Blogger swandad said...

While traveling up to Vermont can bea pain in the arse, it's a good time once you're there.... until you realize that you have to travel back.

Enjoy yourself and pray for good housemates!

Love the blog- I will link in on with mine.

Keep up the good writing!



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