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Thursday, March 23

Dear Lucky Magazine - We Need to Talk

Dear Lucky Magazine,

When you were a fledgling publication, I was the first to pick you up and take you out. I introduced you to all of my friends. I spoke highly of you to everyone I met. I was a Lucky-advocate in my industry. I even purchased gift subscriptions... the ultimate compliment.

You were a pro at taking a affordable pieces and pairing them with a couple extravangent splurges to make the ultimate outfit. You were the fashion connection between the high-end pages of Vogue fashion and the reasonable Marie Claire fashions.

Then you got popular.

Now, I'm stranded and in a fashion void. You've forgotten where you came from. With each issue you become more and more highbrow and snobby. Your September issue has a lovely shoe section, in which not one piece of footwear is under $100 many crest over the $350 mark - even hitting $500+.

Honestly now, how can one afford a fall show wardrobe, when everything is so expensive. If you can't see the beauty in shoes from Nine West or the occasional party dress from Forever 21, I'm sorry, I just don't think this is going to work. We're in two completely different places right now. Your friendship is making me feel inadequate and very, very poor.

I am sorry, I won't be renewing my subscription.


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