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Thursday, March 23

Does New Yorker = Alcoholic

As I'm corresponding with a friend far outside the influence of Manhattan, the following exchange occurs...

Snob: This weekend my friends and I are headed to Boston for a weekend of college flashbacks.

Out-of-towner: I’m really impressed that you have enough energy to party three weekends straight.

Snob: What would one do without a good party on the weekend?

In evaluating the lifestyle I've been living for the past 5 years, there's a disturbing trend -- I think NYC is making me an alcoholic. Let's use last week as an example:

Monday Take the edge off Monday bottle of red
Tuesday Young Patrons Society Gala -> bottle service at the Hudson Hotel -> the Library
Wednesday No drinking, although from the previous night it is possible I was still hungover.
Thursday Parting cocktails for a coworker -> a wine & cheese party
Friday Happy Friday six pack, split with roommate
Saturday Halloween (read
Slut-o-ween Take Two)
Sunday Dinner with friends featuring Italian red -> martinis at Simone's
What is it about the cities energy, pressure, the mass of people, the endless hours of office work that turns us into lushes?

There is no doubt that living in NYC, we drink more often than our friends living outside the city. I've always justified it by saying living in NYC, I have more opportunity to go out than "outsiders."

Now, I have a new theory, I'm blaming Zagat's & Shecky's for their Nightlife Guides. Every year, I pick up the newest editions and within those pages are lovely descriptions of bars & restaurants all around the city just taunting me to try them all. I've tried and multiple occasions to visit each one, but new places keep opening.. I blame you Zagat's for showing me what I haven't had yet.

If my rampage has made you concerned about your alcohol intake... Take this eight question quiz from Alcoholic's Anonymous.

See you all at the bar on Thursday night.


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