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Wednesday, February 28

The Houseguest -- Continues

I just got a text from this guy, following his weekend of NYC interviews, he's been offered a fabulous NYC-architecture job and will be moving here in 2 weeks. He's already requested that I hang out with him when he's here next weekend to look at apartment and when he has his welcome to NYC party.

UGH! Prior to hooking up with him, as I sat on the couch weighing my options (Sunday night, 3-day weekend, nothing good on TV, etc...), I hadn't really considered that he would end up moving to NYC and I would see him on a regular basis. I really had this pegged as a one-night thing...

I guess there is no better welcome to NYC, than a quick tutorial about how we're all a bunch of non-commital, single people...


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Single guy blogging said...

Oh o... Remember, NYC is a big city, he may be looking for some friends to help him transition. :) And so what if it turns out to be a "few night" thing?

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Downtown said...

Perhaps I should stop being so cyncial about everything... Who knows a comfotable "few night" thing might be exactly what this gal needs.

Plus after last night's phone call (read next post), I'll give dinner a chance.


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