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Wednesday, February 14

A Moment of Reflection

On this day the 14th of February, I woke up laughing thinking back to 2006 and the accidental Valentine's Day date I set up for myself. The date who incidentally never made it pass the third date, for so many reasons.

I've gone on so many bad dates, I am beginning to understand my friends who believe in quality vs. quantity. Let's see:

- There was the drummer who I was nervous about going out with, so I quelled my nerves with a pre-date bottle of champagne with my roommates. This was followed by a drink at the bar + a bottle of wine at dinner = Me making a complete ass of myself

- There was the date who suggested we meet an a neighborhood bar. Then after purchasing me a vodka tonic told me that he was Muslim and believed that alcohol was the root of all evil...

- There was the younger guy who turns out "knew" my much, much younger cousin from college...

- There's the Canadian Mountie, a date on which my cabbie had to step in so he'd let me out of the cab...

- Bad dates go as far back as high-school, where her guy I was dating opted to take my sister to his prom over me. (Okay, I was a freshman and they had the same group of friends, but STILL, there should be a rule against that or something.)

Who am I kidding, I love a good - bad date story. I think I need to start meeting more of the "wrong" men. It is a good thing this city is full of them...


At 12:35 PM, Blogger =_= said...

Hahaha, the Muslim story made chuckle. Hope you had a good valentine's day this year.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger Ryane said...

haha. yeah, the Muslim story was funny. but the guy who took your sister to the prom instead of you?? Ouch! yes, there needs to be a law against that shit.


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