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Thursday, February 22

Are we in jr. high?

Twice in the last week I've been pressured by my friends to renege on an offer I had made to another friend.

Case #1 Tickets to

My girlfriends and I had purchased tickets months back for tonight’s performance. Last week, one of my friends had an unexpected work conflict arise. There was a slight scramble in the following days to find someone to take her ticket. Luckily, I found a co-worker willing to pay for her ticket. Crisis averted.

Or so I thought. Friday at happy hour, it comes up that her trip was cancelled and she can attend the performance. She straight up stated that she realizes her ticket has already been promised to someone else, but at that moment, another friend suggests I get the ticket back. Honestly, this whole conversation completely rubbed me the wrong way... So tacky! Naturally, I refused to request the ticket back from my coworker.

Case #2 Bahamas

Late last week after finding a phenomenally priced trip to the Bahamas, I began discussing the possibility of a trip with my friends. This weekend, there was a mixed bag of travelers, however by the time it laying down our credit cards, we were down to four gals and a guy who happens to be a former F.W.P. (Friend with Privileges).

There was definite pressure from the gals to shake off my guy friend, so it would be all girls. I personally believe that having a wingman on the trip would make for more fun. Plus, he was the 2nd most committed person to this trip, there was no way I could renege on my travel offer.
Can you imagine if I lied to my friend and went behind his back? Considering we hang out nearly every weekend, he certainly would have noticed that I was exceptionally tan in the middle of March.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

That definitely sounds like some junior high stuff. I'm glad you took the high road!!

At 5:43 PM, Blogger swandad said...

Loyalty and honesty are two good traits that I wished everyone had. Good job kiddo!



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