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Monday, January 22

Pedigrees, they aren’t just for canines

Single women weigh a potential dates' pedigree nearly as heavily as physical-attractiveness. I can hardly have a conversation with my friends without someone uttering the phrase -- “he’s good on paper”.

Sadly, there is no official society which distributes pedigree papers, so we are forced to mentally construct the man’s pedigree as we get to know them. We pool tidbits from their life history and the social network. From here, we weigh their pedigree to determine date-ability and hook-up potential.

However, there is such a thing as the T.M.I Pedigree. Concerning childhood friends or college friends, we should overlook their extensive pedigree, as all too often having too much information leads to dating paralysis.
No doubt, the friend who says, “he is husband material” will undoubtedly choke on her next date.

As Elle so eloquently paraphrased yesterday, “Take the penis off the pedestal.”

Then they are those instances, when you won't consider your wing-man as more that just that, because at the start of your 10-year (+) history, he dated a mutual friend. (A mutual friend who coincidentally is now happily married to another man.)

At some point we need to accept that history is history, and doesn't belong the pedigree evaluation.


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