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Thursday, March 23

The Accidental Valentine's Day Date

Being a single gal, I was prepared to let the Hallmark driven-relevance of this day slip by unnoticed. No need to hate on Valentine's Day, since I feel it's rather idiotic to designate one day from 365 that a couple needs to "be in love." Shouldn't every day together by prerequisite enough to display care, love and devotion to each other. I can't imagine being in relationship where the other 364 days were void of emotion.

Anyway... I'm stepping off my soap box.

I was so oblivious to the approaching day, when asked out on Sunday night, I suggested Tuesday night drinks. This new guy is going to think that I'm an uber-crazy gal. Completely unthinking I didn't realize my faux-pas until my roommate doubled over into hysterics. I need to call and delay this accidental Valentine's Day Date... at least till Wednesday night.


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