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Wednesday, December 20

Adding Pounds

After reading this WWD article about editors adding pounds to waifish models, I realize this isn’t the first I’ve heard about this.

One of my girlfriends works at Playboy, as we were discussing the aging Dan/Jan (?) covergirl Pamela Anderson; she mentioned that the original, un-touched photos were anything but sexy. The Playboy photo team, who usually shaves away unwanted inches from their cover models, actually had to ADD weight to Pamela Anderson. In one particular photo they had to add a rib, since her stomach was so concave it nearly touched her spine. (If you’ve seen the issue, I’m referring to the first 2-page spread photo, side shot of Pamela on all fours.)

Another friend, whose office handles photo retouching for major advertising campaigns, often tells me about how they erase shoulder blades from side-posed models.

Can’t believe anything you see or read…


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Jen said...

It is like that Dove campaign where they show the photo retouching they have done on models and celebrities. It is crazy!!

At 11:40 AM, Blogger CoatMan said...

They could try eating something. They'd look much better with the curves.


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