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Monday, December 4

My New Year's Eve Pledge

I will not:
... spend too much on a glittery explosion of an outfit that is only acceptable on New Year’s Eve
... make a formal commitment to plans until after Christmas Day (house party invitations trump all)
... obsess about who I am going to (or not going to) kiss at midnight
... try to hail a cab at 11PM
... get so carried away pre-partying that I fall and bruise my cocyx
... forget that I can't drink shots without throwing up the next day
... go above 14th Street
... make a New Year's resolution

I will:
... avoid the "open bar" scene
... surround myself with those friends who chose to stay in NYC this year
... call as many people as possible at midnight
... remember to bring my digital camera
... upload my photos to my computer before February 2007


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