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Saturday, November 4

New Policy: Don't Ask. Don't Tell

I effectively ignored The Producer for 4 days, screening all his calls. It wasn't until he sent a 17 paragraph email of apology on Tuesday that I softened. I met him for dinner and we talked it out. Well, conducted a mini peace accords during which we established some rules for our hanging out.

I'm weak I know.

When you start off as bed buddies with an "i don't want more from this" attitude - at some point you need to acknowledge when things do change and you actually start respecting/liking/caring for the other person. We had that moment and we've agreed to a new open-dating policy of "Don't Ask. Don't Tell"

Truth be told. After taking this self-imposed break, I'm not feeling as crazy for him as I once was. It is like some of the illusion is gone... A couple weeks back my lady friends prodded me to put The Producer on the fun bench, so I could focus more attention on the other guy in my life.

So as of this argument, I've put the Producer on the fun bench. I'm now going to do the right thing and give the guy I've been pretty much shitting on (figuratevely speaking) the respect that he deserves. Cause he's actually put up with a lot of my attitude and fickleness these last few months...

Batter Up!


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Wanderlusting said...

You aren't weak, just optimistic. Glad to hear that he's on the fun bench. With some people it's best to realize that they belong in a certain area in your life, and not always one that you have to deal with day to day.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger jo said...

that's why i think the bed buddies thing is too complicated sometimes. well hopefully things will be better now that he's on the fun bench instead of whatever bench he was on previously.


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