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Friday, October 27

Disaster Preparedness

Perparedness [pri-pair-id-nis, -paird-nis] –noun 1. the state of being prepared; readiness.

Thank you State of New York for sending me the
NYC Hurricane Evacuation Route map. I now know that I live in a Zone which "may experience storn surge flooding from a Moderate (Catergory 2 and higher) hurricane. I also learned, a storm surge may put parts of NYC under 30 feet of water.

I live on the 5th Floor, I feel relatively safe from flood waters. But still, this is a good reminder to renew my renter's insurance. (My policy probably doesn't "acts of nature" -- I should check on that, just in case.)


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Irish Red said...

HEHE - I'll bet you can sleep better at night knowing just how high the storm surge can be :)


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