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Thursday, March 23

MTV True Life - Not So True

I'm sure MTV producers sit around and pat themselves on the back as they turn around each mind-numbing (yet addictive) episode of "True Life". One episode titled: I'm moving to New York had me in stitches...

Watching the program reminded me that although there are still lots of things I want in this city that are out my reach, I've come a long way and have done so on my own. Flashback to the days when dinner & lunch constituted white rice and red hot (sometimes with a pat of butter if I was feeling extravagent)... Or when I went out with only $40 in my pocket, taking the subway to save $ for drinking.

Want to feel good about yourself -- here are two of the individuals MTV profiled.

True Life: I'm moving to New York City
Julie -- the classic spoiled little rich girl, moves to NYC and lives off of her parents. After blowing $600 on 2 items from Intermix, she calls home to hit daddy up for money to pay her $500 electric bill. The show closes with her parent's threatenning to cut her off...

Josh -- the aspiring model from Wisconsin totally blows his chance at become a "world famous model" for a number of reasons: 1) Non-existant work ethic. 2) No sense of time. 3) Coping an attitude. 4) Being darn tooting ugly. The show ends with him back in Wisconsin, collecting cans for $. No joke.

And don't even get me started on ... True Life: I'm in an interracial relationship


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