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Thursday, March 23

Someone else's embarassing moment

Recently a friend and I were dining at Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop and witnessed an acquaintance completely embarrass themselves....

During our meal, we noticed said acquaintance pacing outside the restaurant nervously smoking a cig. He's a friend of a former boyfriend, and we laugh heartedly reminiscing about the tapered khakis he used to wear. As we're laughing, he turns and walks into the restaurant. Not wanting to have the hey-I-sorta-know-you-what-you-been-up-to conversation, I grab my friend's sunglasses and toss on a hat. Going incognito, I'm unnoticed. Which is a good thing cause it turns out he was only there to hit on the hot counter girl.

He walks up to cute counter girl and starts bragging about himself:

So hey, I've noticed you. I live in the neighborhood and rep a couple bands. They are pretty big, I get them shows at Hammerstein every couple a' months. You know completely cutting edge music, stuff I bet you'd like. I dabble in producing music, but I'm really more of a promoter. I can get tickets to pretty much any show in the LES music scene. So yeah, hey, I just wanted to you know say hi. My name is XX, and I'll see you around

Then he jets out the door. Doesn't give her a chance to respond. Doesn't even order anything. Now this is a very small restarant and everyone dining heard this terribly pick-up attempt. As he practically ran out the door, people started chuckling.


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