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Thursday, March 23

The Ultimate Morning After

The setting: Sunday, January 1 at an East Village beer hall, three twenty-something girls are seated with beers recapping the previous night's antics. They are joined by another girl of similar age, played by yours truly -- Snob

Snob: Whew, I didn't think I'd make it, I've been nursing a massive hangover all day. That was a seriously killer New Year's party!

Girl #1: So, I heard that you left the party with Brad, give up the details!

Snob: Definitely brought a guy home last night, but it was Mike not Brad...
(Girls 1-3 exchange a quick glance at each other and start laughing.)

Girl #2: Um no, his name was definitely Brad.
(Laughter, as Snob looks confused)

(Looking to the other Girls for support.)
Snob: His name was Mike, wasn't it?

Girl #1 & Girl #3: Um no, it was definitely Brad.
(More laughter, as Snob looks confused)

Snob: Oh. My. God. I called him the wrong name. When we woke up, he flat out asked if I remembered his name and I said Mike... That's hilarious! Looks like I won't be hearing from either Brad or Mike.
(All laugh, as the scene fades to black.)


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