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Thursday, March 23

A Million Little Lies - So What

Sunday evening (my first date with "California"), he made an interesting conclusion about the bruhaha surrounding James Frey's book "A Million Little Pieces." I had mentioned that 12 pages of the whole book are being highly critiqued for being lies.

California concluded that if only 12 of the estimated 250 pages of the whole book were lies, that's a decent percentage of truth and do we really expect more than that? (Quick someone do the math) When if all comes down, despite our best efforts, no one is 100% truthful... In the grand scheme of things, we all lie more than that.

(Yeah right, you never lie...)

So what, Frey embellished his story a little. Don't blame him, he was trying to break into the publishing business. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a book that sells with the astonding success of his?? Who knows what influence his editor had in those 12 pages. Aren't we all a little guilty of embellishing stories from our lives?

(Yeah right, you never embellish...)

Perhaps Frey has a future writing for the New York Times (a'la Jayson Blair) or at the Boston Globe (a'la Mike Barnicle)

Anyway, California turned out to be better date than expected. He was smart, funny, and cuter than I recalled. He fed just enough compliments my way to be nice and not crazy. The oddest compliment of the night was, "I really like your grey matter. Most women I've met in the city, play down their intelligence."

We have plans for next Sunday...


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