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Thursday, March 23

Love C.O. Biglow Mentha Lip Tints

As earlier reported, Bath & Body Works now carries the simply amazing CO Bigelow product line. During an afternoon shopping outing with friends, we stopped in and all scooped up this.... Mentha Lip Tints.

I've quickly developed an emotionally obsession and physical dependance on the tinted lip color. Available in a multitude of sheer colors, this peppermint-infused lip balm leaves you with a long-lasting minty tingle. It is an incredibly refreshing product to apply, reapply, and reapply some more... And with the blustry time spent outside these last few weeks, I can attest to it's lip protecting and healing capabilities.

One complaint: Bigelow over-pitches the product as a "breath freshner." That's just silly marketing schlep. I am slightly disappointed that CO Bigelow felt it was necessary to oversell this truly amazing product.

Think of this as the "Bonnie Bell" for the fabulash gal. Regularly priced at $7.50, they are now on sale for only $5. Consider this the excuse to dispose of the waxy Chapstick in your purse.


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