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Thursday, March 23

Newsweek Proves They Have No Fashion Sense

Having just spent a week dealing with sharp pain at the ball of my foot, I read Newsweek's article on the dangers of wearing heels and the potential long-term health issues with great interest. I actually thought I was learning something, perhaps beginning to bend my All-Heels-All-The-Time rule...

My addiction to heels promises these health issues as I age:

- bunions
- hammertoes
- nail fungus
- neuroma, a pinched nerve that causes pain in the ball of the foot and a tingling in the toes.
- bursitis,
- strained tendons and a contracted Achilles tendons
- Bone spurs
- Knee surgery
- Arthritis

Then the no-fun editors at the publication went to far as to suggest:

Instead of Manolos or Jimmy Choos, check out the burgeoning number of comfort-shoe brands like Naturalizer, Easy Spirit, Aerosoles or Taryn Rose.
Um, you lost me there.

I'll take any of the above maladies over shopping at those stores. I will forsake the health of my toes, heels and knees.

They also reported that, a recent APMA survey found that 82 percent of women polled were willing to sacrifice comfort in order to be chic.

Fashion is a life long commitment.


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