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Thursday, March 23

It's A Small World

Saturday night my friends and I do the usual pre-drinking / bar hopping around the LES. After getting a good drink on, one of the gals invites her new guy friend to come meet up with us. It's the first time I've met this new guy friend, so I size him up with the usual 20-questions. Since we live in the same hood, conversation inevitablably turns to our favorite bars.

Turns out he frequents a neighborhood bar that I've always liked for the pure fact that there's a cute bartender. No sooner were these words out of my mouth then new guy friend says, "Who XX (naming cute bartender)? He's my boy." Needless to say, the night wears on and we end up at said bar.

This is where NYC becomes a small world, or new guy friend spilt the beans to cute bartender right when he walked in.

We have too many folks to pile into one cab, so we split up, my friend and new guy friend going ahead. As the second cab, of which I'm a part of, empties out and starts to walk in the door of the bar, a voice says, "Hey, that's the girl from the F train today." I didn't catch who said this and figured since we're in the LES, most everyone is "that girl from the F train."

When I go to the bar for a drink, there's cute bartender. As I order my drink, he mentions that he saw me on the F train earlier that day. (He was the mysterious voice at the door. Yes, I had been waiting for the train earlier that afternoon, fresh from having my passport photo taken, and I must say I was having a great hair day....) Anyway, he and I introduce ourselves and that's about that.... At least next time I go back, I'll have his name and an offical introduction.

Your thoughts please: Okay, I am terribly cynical. I think the new guy friend said something cute bartender before I arrived. Because honestly now, how many people on the subway have caught your eye that you actually end up running into??? I've always scoffed at the Craig's List Missed Connection concept.


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