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Thursday, March 23

A Eulogy to my Bronze Heels

I remember the day we met like it was yesterday (Nine West, 5th Avenue at 19th Street). It was December 2003. I was frantically searching for the perfect, close-toed heel to match my fabulous New Year's Eve dress. I had tried on so many..., my energy was low..., I was about to give up..., then I found you.

You, with your 3 inch stiletto heel
You, with your brushed bronze leather
You, with you sophisticated pointed toe
It was love at first sight.

For two years we went inseparable, winter, snow, rain, on vacation, at work, the perfect party companion. Wearing jeans or a dress, with you I was always more confident, taller...

The last month was difficult. I didn't want to see the signs. When your leather seams started splitting, I looked away. When the metallic heel clicked against the sidewalk, I tried not to listen. When each step began to feel soft and flexible, no longer announcing "strut," I adjusted my walk so your thin, delicate heel wouldn't snap....

Last night, I put my favorite heels in their protective box one last time. As I placed the shoes into the trash, I can't help but think about all the good times we had together....

....kissing the Jude Law look-a-like....dancing on couches at the Pink Elephant...Vegas...Dinners at Asia de Cuba....

I will always remember you fondly.
Goodbye to my bronze heels


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