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Thursday, March 23

Saying Goodbye to Bob Loblaw

If you didn't catch the title, indulge me for a moment and follow along.

Bob LoBlaw is the lawyer on Arrested Development. Knowing that, let's say the name... Bob Loblaw... (faster) ... BobLoblaw ... (faster) ... Blah Blah Blah.

Yes, that's it! Now tell me you aren't chuckling to yourself thinking of a lawyer named Bob Loblaw. To add to your chuckles, picture the role being played by Scott Baio of 80's classic "Charles in Charge" fame. When watching the program, I still break into fits of laughter everytime Bob Loblaw is brought up in conversation...

This just one example of why Arrested Development was the greatest show on television. Today, FOX made the decision to cancel the program. Apparently, Americans can't grasp the humor and genuis of a TV program that doesn't require a laugh track. Let's take a close look at the other programs on FOX's line-up that they considered worthy of continuing:
Bones - (a blatant rip of CSI), Stacked - (need I point out the two reasons this is still on the air), Renovate My Family - (yawn)...

I've heard of write-in campigns saving a program... So there's a small glimmer of hope. (Although, since FOX has Arrested on the chopping block last year, I'm not too hopeful.) Here's the address:, email the idiots at Fox and tell them what you think of their decision.


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