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Thursday, March 23

Bikram Kicked My Butt

I have always considered myself a healthy individual. I hit the gym 4-5 times a week, am capable of running 6 miles on the treadmill, or knocking out 7,000 steps on the stair climber... With my background in dance, I consider yoga to be something I'm naturally good at.

Well, let me tell you...
Bikram Yoga kicked my butt

After an incredibly unhealthy Friday night/Saturday morning, an individual convinced me that Sunday morning's 10am Bikram class way the best way to atone of my sins. (For those who don't know, the 90-minute class takes place in a sweatbox studio, 100+ degrees, which you aren't allowed to leave as the class moves through a series of 26 poses. )

Thankfully, the teacher is incredibly supp
ortive, because I learned I'm not as physically fit as I presumed. I did try to do at least one of each pose, but most of the time I was so dizzy and nauseous from the heat, I sat on my mat watching those around me. It's quite remarkable to see individuals of all ages strike perfect poses. There was a woman 60+ who was simply phenomonal.

After making it through my first class, I felt detoxified, I fely emotionally energized. Physically, I felt very sore. (This morning, my back aches in places I'm sure muscles never existed.) Despite feeling roughed up and beat up, I can hardly wait for my next class. Tonight at 8pm.


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