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Thursday, March 23

Married and Bored. Single and Lonely

If you haven't heard Chris Rock's comedy skit "Married and Bored. Single and Lonely" I highly suggest renting it. His comic outlook on the marriage/dating scene shouldn't be missed.

Right now I'm going through a stint of hating being single. I'm so freaking sick and tired of it all. But then the prospect of being married and bored... ugh! Where is the happy medium? (To my married friends: Don't take offense - that set-up is good for you, I just can't imagine having to share my closet space.)

If we take Chris Rock's words to heart, the only exciting place to be "actively dating." The thought of endless dating exhausts me. The process of dating is so tedious... All those movies, dinners, phone number exchanges, emails, introductions to friends... Please tell me that this isn't the best relationships have to offer.

Perhaps the best time is the first couple months together, the "honeymoon phase" as it is commonly known... Examining the experience of those around me, I don't think that's the best time either. As happy as you may be about the new man in your life, you find others around you start acting weird and jealous. It's amazing how catty some women (you call friends) can get when expected to share time with you. This pressure removes some of the honeymoon pleasure.

Or is it the landslide, relationship ending moments that are the best. That momenth when you realize everything you loved has gone to pot, and you start injecting the anger, rejection, and all accompanying feelings into an endless string of one-nighters. (What is it about an impending breakup that injects the social life with an added shot of Red Bull.) Then again, just typing these moments reminds me how these actions make the whole world even more exhaustingly lonely.

My conclusion is that the fun and excitement is always going to be where you aren't.
To that point. I'm out to find some fun. Cause it sure isn't behind this keyboard.


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