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Thursday, March 23

Friendster is Freaking Me Out

The History of the Situation: Not long ago Friendster added a system feature allowing you to see who has viewed your profile. At first it was mandatory, but after a serious uproar from their members, they made it optional. The catch, you can only see who has viewed your profile if you have opted into the program.

This curious cat ran an experiment for the last month. I opted into the program and for the months stopped snooping at other's profiles. (I prefer to remain anonomyous.) The take-away from this experience is that Friendster has some serious freaks!

The Reality of the Situation: In one month, I had 30+ views. Most of these were anonymous, by folks who opted out. One was a college friend. The other nine have driven me to the following conclusions

  • Lesbians LOVE me... Three, count it three self-professed lesbians.
  • Old men really like 20-something women. My oldest viewer was 48, others were 37 and 40.
  • The world is filled with some ug-ly people. Honestly, if the photos these people posted were their best, I can imagine what their worst looks like.

Overall, an incredibly disappointing experiment. I have rejoined the anonymous viewers, prefering to have the latitude to imagine my mystery viewers are dreamy guys.


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