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Thursday, March 23

Altoid Anyone?

Following lunch I reach for my Wintergreen Altoids. Digging in to the tin, I accidentally drop one. I do a quick check around my desk and can't find it... So I give up and go for another.

As my day rolls on, I step out for a meeting. As I return to my office, my boss follows me. We enter my office and mid-conversation he points to the floor laughing,
"Did you bring the party to the office today? Try to keep the blow off the floor."

To my horror, I look over and there on my carpet is what used to be an Altoid, smushed and piled looking like the 70's are alive and kicking in my office. Leaving for the meeting, I must have rolled over the "lost" Altoid with my chair. The horror... The embarrassment...


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