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Thursday, March 23

69 Days to a Bikini

Having just indulged myself over the Thanksgiving holiday, I've firmly settled into the "winter frame of mind," which entails guiltless second servings, rounds of desserts and unbridaled late night snacking. This dietary diversion is easily hidden behind the bulky sweaters and long pants of the winter season. As I struggled this morning with buttoning my jeans, I thanked myself that bikini season is at least seven months away...

...Until I remembered come February, I'll be doning my bikini for a
seriously rockin' vacation. My girlfriends and I are leaving frigid NYC for Miami and the welcoming ports of the Caribbean. This isn't just ANY cruise, this is the Jazz Fest of cruises, featuring some of our favorite bands:

- Bob Weir & Rat Dog
- G Love and the Special Sauce
- Toots and the Maytals
- Ozomatli
- North Mississippi Allstars
- Mike Doughty's Band
- Mofro
- John Brown's Body
- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

The pinnacle of the experience will be the concluding private concert on a private island featuring Dave Matthews.
(Now, I haven't been a Dave fan since freshman year of college -- but a private concert, on a private island would make my thrilled to see even James Taylor.)

This will be an epic vacation, for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Guy:girl ratios favorable to the single gal (Assumption based on experience at past concerts.)
  2. Sun, sunglasses, sun tanning, sunscreen, sun naps, sun dresses...
  3. Mmmm, margaritas
  4. Endless dancing... Dancing so much you invent new dance moves... Dancing so your thighs and calves are sore... Busting my favorite all-time dance move "The Molly Ringwald" (please refer to the Breakfast Club for visual reference.)
  5. Four fabulous single NYC gals and one cabin -- code words for "don't come in" currently under development
  6. Leaving the sweaters & socks in NYC, packing only tank tops, skirts and flip flops.

Now that I'm thoroughly jazzed for this trip, I vow to hit the gym 4 times a week. Two days of real gym, two days of bikram yoga. My bikini will be worn with no dismay, no dispair... 69 days to go!


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