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Thursday, March 23

Get Drunk with -- Il Bastardo

Headed over to your friend's house after work to console her over a recent or not-so-recent heartbreak? Forget the flowers or a sappy movie, bring Il Bastardo. No joke, this red wine can probably be found in your corner wine store:

Il Bastardo 2001 Sangiovese Rosso di Toscana ($10.99)

A good friend introduced me to Il Bastardo at the time of her break up, since then he's saw me through my heart break and accompained me to many a dinner party, bitch-fests and even appears on special restaurant occassions.

He's a solid date. Unlike the man who broke your heart, Il Bastardo's black-cherry aroma and distinct vinegary note is always reliable. Okay, it won't be the finest red in your wine cabinet, but it is simple, easy going and fits with your lifestyle. Il Bastardo won't talk back and after a couple glasses will gently tuck you into bed. recommends matching it with meatballs, sausages and spicy buffet fare.

I recommends matching it with a broken heart, cigarettes and a good girlfriend.


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