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Thursday, March 23

Addendum to: It's a Small World

After catching up with new guy friend on Saturday night, I questioned him about giving up my crush to the cute bartender. He promised up and down that he didn't say anything when he walked in. In all honesty, I trust the guy...

New guy friend even filled in some important details from last weekend's encounter. (Remember now, it was the end of an evening of drinking, some timeframe gaps should be expected...)

1) I originally reported that cute bartender and I had only introduced ourselves. New guy friend confirmed that late in the evening, cute bartender and I were having an extended conversation. This was interrupted by two gals at the end of the bar who were bring pissy and kept calling cute bartender over. (Contents of this conversation, I sadly can't recall -- stupid vodka tonics.)

2) New guy friend also commented that I left the bar abruptly after our conversation was interrupted by these pissy gals. (I'm not surprised by this, I probably had a moment of clarity about how drunk I was and left the bar before making an ass of myself. I've developed this exit-strategy over years of alcoholic behavior & terribly embarrassing morning afters.)

3) Earning points for full-disclosure, new guy friend did reveal that after learning about about our F Train encounter, he mentioned to cute bartender that I had spoken of him earlier. This is a forgivable admission, since he actually might have helped my cause.

4) Most importantly, after I jetted cute bartender had inquired about my where abouts. (So, it's not the ideal way to end a conversation, but at least I know he was interested in continuing to speak with me.)

Anyway, the next visit to said bar, will surely be worthy of another blog entry.


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