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Friday, March 2

Chocolate & Champagne

At last night's fundraising event for this all-male production of As You Like It, (which conveniently enough took place in a Soho chocolate store). My wingman and I were on a date-to-find-dates.

The fundraiser was everything a good event should be. Crowded, but not too crowded. Diverse crowd. Great DJ. Interdispersed raffle (come on you always think you are going to win). Best of all there was no end in sight to the champagne and chocolates. The cycle was endless - champagne, chocolate truffle on a potato chip, champagne, chocolate cover tortilla chip with chili powers and asiago cheese, champagne, chocolate brittle...

The date-to-find-dates was semi-successful, I've been invited to a winery with an individual from the party. He isn't really my type and perhaps a little over-eager, but hey, a gal needs options.

My moment of regret from the evening should probably be drinking all of Blondie's wine at the Spotted Pig post-party, I'm actually more embarrassed by the evening ending phone conversation with The Houseguest. I really need to get that phone with the breath-a-lyzer on it. Cause calls like that should never happen.

Lesson learned: Chocolate and champagne are not a substitute for dinner.


At 8:17 PM, Blogger Single guy blogging said...

Oooh -- I think there's a service that keeps you from drunk-dialing. Look into it. ;) Wait, what kind of a phone call was it??


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