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Wednesday, April 12

Love love love -- the Juice

For the past 24-hours, I've been sick. Like any twenty-something adult, first thing I do when I start feeling feverish is call my mom. After my fill of coddling and cliche recommendations to treat my cold with chicken soup, OJ and sleep, I hang up and head straight to Duane Reade.

$20 purchased the essential cold care kit: Puffs tissues, Tylenol Cold & Flu (Night/Evening) formula, Chucky's Chicken Soup and a surprise purchase... "the juice".

My friend raves about "the juice." She carries it with her constantly. You are more likely to find "the juice" in her purse than mascara... I'm delirious. I'm tired. I'm standing in Duane Reade. SOLD!

Day 2. Wake up feeling like ass. Think about calling in but then remember I just started my job two weeks ago. Can't do. Get out of bed and stumble to work. Spend 2 hours sneezing, sniffling and feeling crappy before giving into the yuck factor and decide to try "the juice".

Heaven! I'm in heaven. Who knew that the cure of a cold could be so direct, so immediate. I've spent the last 6 hours in the office working like the "worker bee" I'm paid to be. One could hardly guess I am sick anymore. The box of Puff's is sitting unused. I've lost the nasal cold voice. The sinus pressure is gone.

I'm as psyched as a feverish person can be (sadly 'the juice" doesn't address body aches.)


At 7:59 PM, Anonymous MS said...

Uh-oh, I've created a monster.

Beware, the juice, when overused (as it always is given its miraculous abilities), tends to completely destroy the inside of your nose.

I recommend a nice saline spray to balance out the drying effects of the juice.

However, you will be able to do nothing about the fact that your body eventually revolts and doubles up twice on the congestion in response to the juice.

Except for more juice.

Yup, I'm a freak.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Style Girl said...

i was addicted to "the juice" for over a year. just use it for the 3 days! if not, it's hell getting off of it!

get Ocean Spray (not the drink), it's a saline solution that is so much better for you! i live on it now.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Downtown said...

This is the worst type of addiction ever! It's been 12 hours since my last bump and name I'm all stuffed. I'm breathing though my mouth, making my lips dry. My stash is at home...

Oh man, I gotta quit this stuff...

This blows.


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