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Tuesday, April 11

Misplaced Cell Phone

I've misplaced my cell phone. Actually, I'm about 85% sure it was stolen from my purse on the subway yesterday. I recall last using my cell phone as I walked to the subway. After I realized my phone was missing that afternoon, I recalled an odd tug on my purse during my morning commute. Didn't think so much of it at the time, but now, it all makes sense.

I'm not so concerned about losing the phone - it was old, outdated and in need of replacement. I am highly concerned about losing the photos that were stored in the phone. I know I should have deleted them long ago. I know they had no place in my phone, but I figured my phone was safer than my laptop. Why? My cell phone is always with me.

Foolish! Embarrassing!


At 6:29 PM, Blogger Troy said...

Yeah, that story makes me angry. I can sympathise, because I have had imformation comprimised on the net myself.



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