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Thursday, March 23

20 NYC Blocks = 1 Mile

60 blocks, 2 Avenues to work.
60 blocks, 2 Avenues home from work.
3 days of striking transit workers.

The only good thing that came out of the NYC transit stike was an overwhelming urge to upgrade my shoe collection. As I walked those 6 miles daily, I came to despise my sneakers. Never had I felt so unattractive, sex-less and drole. I now know that footwear is essential to my emotional well-being.

With that in mind, I hit Steve Madden on Saturday afternoon and purchased two pairs of rocking heels, one black, one brown, completely guilt free. If it weren't the holiday weekend, I could easily have purchased others. This is only a short term fix, I'm looking forward to post-holiday shoe sales and intend on starting 2006 with an entirely new shoe wardrobe.


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