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Thursday, March 23

Love for the ladies

After last night's drink fest with Avenue Elle, Dolly, and Kristin, I gotta say, this blogging thing is pretty fly. Dolly & Kristin are the first folks I've met through my blog (truthfully, online ever!). We had such fun, since we all know about each other's lives from our blog entries we picked up like old friends. We caused quite the ruckus.

To the gentleman at La Lanterna: You should know better than to so blatently check out girls seated next to you. Your girlfriend deserved to be pissed at you.

For the NYC bloggers, we're planning on having drinks again on Thursday, the 23rd. If you want to join us, email and you'll get the full details. In person I can share the afore-mentioned untellable Wisconsin boy story...

I'm off to Denver for a weekend of skiing. Hoping the boys in Brekenridge are half as cute as those from Killington.


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