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Thursday, March 23

I quit...

No really, I just quit my job.

I didn’t go off half-cocked or anything. Another job with a more prestigious agency… paying more money… with greater career opportunities… in a sweeter NYC hood… was already lined up.

Giving notice this morning was a lot like telling a boyfriend that you’ve been cheating on them. As soon as the words are out, a light bulb goes off in your supervisor’s eyes. All those long lunches, cutting out early, multitude of doctor appointments. How could they have been so blind? It is all so obvious now. You were cheating on them with another agency.

Today they are filled with nice words, trying to tempt me to stay... Begging me not to break up with them - give them another chance… They’ll be different, they promise…

I’ve done this once before, so I know in a couple days they're going to start getting bitchy and angry. Putting me down to feel better about me leaving.

No bother, I have already moved on.

Just like a break up.


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