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Thursday, March 23

Wedding Invitations -- Stop with the frills

What is wrong with brides these days? I know you are stressed. I know you have a lot going on, but that is no excuse for bad taste. In the past week I've received two wedding invitations which underscored how lovely they can be -- or how horrific. Invitations are supposed to represent a bride’s good taste and provide a sample of what's to come at the wedding... (I think the second bride might be schizo.)

The Lovely
The first was perfectly simple matte stock card outlining the details of the beach wedding. The square envelope arrived sans frills and contained three pieces of stock card of varying sizes. There were three colors: a white border, a blue background and dark blue text. There were three simple pieces: The invitation, the RSVP card, and a card with additional details on the rehearsal dinner and Sunday brunch.

Perfect -- I responded right away.

The Horrific
The second arrived 2 centimeters thick with a brown ribbon around the outside. Opening the envelope revealed glitter based paper, 3 ribbon details, 2 pieces of tissue paper and 2 stickers. First, the invitation wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker was then topped with a fancy ribbon bow. Which was followed by the RSVP card & reply envelope also topped with a ribbon bow on the same glittery paper. And then one more bow topped the wedding information card… The kicker is that the bride chose an impossibly loopy cursive script that makes reading any of the text quite impossible.

This remains on my kitchen counter, a focal point of much laughter. Still haven't responded...


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Sj said...

Since my fiance and I just finished shopping for our invitations.. I share the horror at some of the ideas that others tried to foist upon us.. and the gladness that your 1st invitation sounds remarkably like what we chose..



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